May the Truth - Black Heather
May the Truth - Black Heather
May the Truth - Black Heather

May the Truth - Black Heather

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In 1977, young and old alike were drawn into the world of myopic battles in the stars. We purchased action figures, star ships and tried to decide if we wanted to wield the red or blue saber. Evil wants you to feel the power of the dark side. Good wants you in relationship with the force.

The Bible tells us the only way to defeat evil and find True relationship is through Jesus Christ. Jesus says in John 14:6, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no man comes to the Father except through Me.” Evil can only be defeated when we accept the Truth that Jesus is our only way to relationship with God(Good). When we accept this fact, we can have peace in knowing that the Truth is with us in everything we do. 

“MAY THE TRUTH BE WITH YOU” as you walk in Truth and help others find Truth!!

Product Detail:

  • Unisex Fit
  • Super Soft, Super Comfortable
  • Heather Black
  • 90% Combed and Ringspun-Spun Cotton, 10% Polyester 
  • Printed in the USA, Imported by Responsible and Worker Friendly Manufacturing Plants