Our Story

Truth Mountain came to fruition out of our desire to share the Truth of God’s word. It is a Truth that we see many attempting to “water down” to fit the world we live in and a Truth we believe is constant and unchanging. 

Truth Mountain is an apparel company whose stated purpose is to give you an opportunity to “Wear the Truth”, so you can “Share the Truth.” Many of the designs that we launch will take on movies, tv shows, sports, and patriotic themes. Shirts will be designed with good sound doctrine that will be fun, serious, and hard-hitting. These shirts are not meant to be political, but may at times challenge the status-quo and tackle controversial social issues.

We at Truth Mountain want to partner with the young, old, and everyone in between to walk in faith and take a bold stand for the Truth. It is our prayer that these t-shirts will be a resource used to engage in conversations with others about the saving grace offered to us in John 3:16.